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...and we're working to ensure that you and your family are safe in your local parks. We rely on input from parents like you to tell us when there is a safety concern in the parks near your home, schools and neighborhoods. Your comments will be shared with other parents through our site. Thanks for your help!

Here's how we work:
Log onto our blog, and rate your local park. We'll post your comments, and our Park Safety Rating. We consider 3 main areas of concern in your parks, and will rate them either "Safe" or "Needs Attention." We will also post your comments about the condition of the park. You can download a checklist
here and keep it with you whenever you plan to visit a local park.

Log On...Quick Search For Your Park...Click On The Name...Leave Your Comments...It's easy!
We focus on 3 areas in your parks, and give a Safety Rating of either "Safe" or "NEEDS ATTENTION" based on your input:

1. Play Equipment - Are the slides and swings safe, clean, well-maintained and age appropriate?

2. Landscaping - Are the trees and plant material healthy, trimmed, and well-managed?

3. Facilities - Are the drinking fountains clean? Are the benches and tables stable?

Safety Check:
Check your park's Safety Rating and add your comments. Click on the ParkSafety Blog button or go to and search for your local park, or add it to the list along with your comments. We know you're busy, but checking this site before each trip to the park may help you avoid inconvenience or injury. Leaving your comments on a park you just visited may help other parents and their kids. Please join us in keeping kids safe in our parks. 

February Park Safety Tip:
As the days pass and temperatures continue to warm, park users increase. Parking areas adjacent to local parks will fill up sooner and many more families will be walking to the park from local neighborhoods. So watch for pedestrians, and as a park user, be aware of children and families crossing streets to get to the park. Remember...Play Safe!

E-mail us anytime and let us know about a new park in your area by sending the park name, city and state to We count on parents like you to add to our parks listings and comments.

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